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Time Management Radio – Ann McIndoo, author, speaker, ghostwriter: How to quickly get your book or writing project out of your head & a document into your hands.

If you have trouble getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper, if it takes too long to write reports because you’re a procrastinator or perfectionist, or you want to write a book but you can’t get started, then this radio show is for you.

Writing can be difficult for many people. I believe it’s because they just don’t know where to start. Whether it’s a book, a report or any other writing project, Ann McIndoo has a specific process to help professionals get their words out of their head and into document.

Ann McIndoo is a writer’s coach who, through her books, coaching and live events, helps professionals develop their book concepts, get their words onto the page, and quickly produce a manuscript.

During our conversation we discuss:
• 3 ingredients for writing a successful book or document
• A blueprint to save time and simplify the writing process
• 3 writer’s power tools to help you begin getting words on the page
• How to avoid challenges like writer’s block and procrastination
• Easy tips to avoid interruptions and distractions
• Ways to “talk” your manuscript in a couple of days
As CEO and founder of So, You Want to Write!, Ann McIndoo has successfully produced, written and helped publish more than 500 books. Designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and CEOs, Ann’s coaching can guide you through a proven process to achieve your writing goals.

She’s the author of 7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book and the Author’s Workbook. She’s been a speaker at Jack Canfield’s Bestseller Blueprint Live Event,
A speaker at Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Book Event, and a speaker at National Speaker Association events.

You can find out more about Ann at

Join us now for this very productive and fun conversation!

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