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The New Relationship Reality Show

Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men”

Doesn’t this sound like a great idea… but impossible?

It’s a phrase that beauty contest winners use to answer judges’ questions or a Christmas carol that’s impractical & idealistic in today’s world… right?

Well, after listening to today’s show, you will think again. Kat’s guests tell stories of how you can bring peace into your life and the world… right now.

Tisha Bernard describes herself as a “Lone Ranger of Peace” going into our schools and teaching kids how to choose peace. As the founder of “I Choose Peace” Tisha tells the story of how 8 kids broke the code of silence to stop a stabbing and how she helps our children shift out of the fear of bullies into empowered ambassadors of peace. Email Tisha at to find out what she can do for you.

Then, Clif Weldon, Center Director for the ManKind Project Santa Barbara Community, talks with Kat about how men are making peace with themselves through an amazing community of support. This organization offers a way for men to discover a new, more powerful way to “be a man” – a way that is authentic, adventurous, has integrity and is of service & emotionally intelligent. Cliff tells his own personal story of having made new choices to bring joy into his marriage and live life to the fullest.

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