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Bonnie Compton APRN, BC, CPNP


Today, I’m excited to be able to introduce you to several creative Moms. Moms who are also entrepreneuers in their own right, who are now being referred to as Mompreneuers!

I know you’ll want to stay tuned as I talk with each of them individually about their inspiration to create a business and how they balance their business with the business of motherhood.

For any of you thinking about starting your own business, I’m sure you won’t want to miss our conversation. We’ll be exploring the challenges that these moms faced, and inspirations for innovations in the children’s industry. They’ll share tips on how they find balance in both their work and family life. I know these women will inspire you, if you’re thinking about, or are in the beginning stages of starting your own business.

Please join my conversation, as I talk with Julie Cole, the co-founder of “Mabel’s Labels”. Julie is a mother of six and co-founding VP of Mabel’s Labels, the leading provider of labels for the stuff kids lose!® Mabel’s Labels has grown from basement start-up into an award- winning, celebrity-loved phenomenon, featured on The View, Today, The Early Show, Rachael Ray, LIVE! with Regis and Kelly, and countless other media outlets.

I’ll also be speaking with Lisa Baumgartner, the creator of Funkins. In 2005, she was asked to help reduce lunch waste at her children’s school. Today she is at the helm of Funkins, a newly-launched company that produces reusable and affordable 100% cotton cloth napkins for kids. Not only will you be happy to hear about these wonderful cloth napkins for your children, but you’ll learn about the opportunity to start a waste-free lunch program at your child’s school.

For those of you with kids who love LEGOS, you won’t want to miss my conversation with Elina Furman. Elina is Co-founder and CMO of Pleygos. As a mom with two young sons, she had always appreciated LEGO® for both their entertainment and developmental benefits..but the accumulation of clutter and money spent? Not so much. Elina created Pleygo, a “Netflix-like” subscription service that allows families to rent, share and donate LEGO® sets. Elina has appeared on The Today Show, The Early Show, and Good Morning America, as well as on local news networks and in top-tier print and online publications.

I hope you’ll join us!