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Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – Small Business Insights And Mindset Boosts For A Successful 2014

As you approach the new year you have an opportunity to set yourself up for 2014 to be your best business year yet. Despite the challenges you’ll read about and hear about that have the potential to derail you and your success, when you learn how to harness a positive mindset and take imperfect action you’ll be making the most of some in-built assets you probably didn’t realise you had.

In todays episode host Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach and global voice for small business, leadership and the workplace, shares insights into the perceived challenges facing you in the coming year if you are a small business owner or thinking of becoming one. By sharing stories and insights from others in the small business community and SME market globally you’ll discover Shannon’s insights into the key challenges you could face and most importantly how to get ahead and address them before they become an issue for you.

Sharing her passion for gratitude and imperfect action Shannon talks you through how to give your mindset the positive boost it needs to help you fly into the new year feeling confident, clear and ready to soak up the success you deserve. Having supported small business owners from around the world as a business coach, trainer and consultant for a number of years Shannon has seen the impact that mindset has and what she shares today will help you to actively build an landscape in your mind that welcomes and attracts success and ease starting immediately.

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