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The New Relationship Reality Show

Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – The Gift of Connection

Holidays are meant to bring about connections with those we love, right?

Have you ever lost sight of this and ended up buying meaningless gifts or spending too much money for fear of disappointing those you love most?

Have you ever gotten resentful and asked, “What does it matter? What’s the point anyway?”…

…And sometimes, have you ever noticed that you just checked out as you stood in the check out line?

The truth is, it’s not what we give – how much or how little we give – I hate to break it to you like this… but it really is the thought that counts, after all!

The more we focus our thoughts on connecting with others, the better chance we have of enjoying our Holidays.

My first guest on this week’s show, Val Frost-McKinley, is the owner of Prioritize Relationships®. Her company offers a variety of fun products that provide structures for connecting with those we love.

Val talks about how people need variety and stimulation in order to stay in love. She also brings in the science behind this need and how people in all kinds of relationships will benefit from using games and tools to bring about better connections.

In the second half of the show, special guest Curtis Knecht, MFT, talks about Gary Chapman’s 5 Languages of Love and how knowing and using this simple concept profoundly shifted his life and those of his clients.

I spent many an unhappy occasion feeling unloved and misunderstood because I didn’t know about this groundbreaking concept. If you want those you love most to know they are loved by you – no matter what they find under the tree – you will want to listen to this show NOW.