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Troubled Teens: THE FIX

Dr. John Mayer

Troubled Teens: THE FIX – Giving Young People the Essential Building Blocks to Success with a Tool Often Neglected!

In this “Best Of” show Dr. Mayer interviews Stacey Flaster the co-owner of The Performer’s School in Highwood, Illinois. Stacey, a professional actress, director, choreographer, teacher, coach, mom and Dr. Mayer discuss the importance of the arts, particularly the performing arts at building the essential life tools young people need to become successful adults. They explain how the performing arts builds confidence, self-esteem, identity, school success, mastery, listening skills, risk-taking, motivation and dealing with loss & rejection better than almost any other activity you can provide for your teen or child. They discuss how to fill the void left by our educational system that is pressed to eliminate such programs for our youth. A high energy, entertaining interview! Well worth another listen!!!!