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Dr. Donald Robbins and Dr. Kathleen Boyle

Protecting Your Health – Why Must Pregnant Women and Infants Take Probiotics? Can Vitamin D Help Prevent Breast Cancer? How Can Flying Cause Parkinson’s Disease? New Treatment for Brain Cancer. What Are ‘Fake Foods’?

We know probiotic supplementation helps get good bacteria into the gut. But hear why it is essential to child’s health for mothers to start on probiotics during pregnancy and to continue after birth. And can Vitamin D supplements taken at a certain time in a women’s life affect their getting breast cancer ?

Flying has its inherent risks but can it cause you to get Parkinson’s disease? A lawsuit in Australia may change the way you fly!

New treatment lends hope for stopping brain cancer in dogs. Can this change treatment for humans?
Hear these misleading packages of snacks and foods that will make you start reading label ingredients more often.