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Jenny Martin

The Frugal House – Getting Started & Saving Money with Backyard Farming

Everyone always asks me “How do we save money on produce?” Hands down growing it, is probably the your best bet if you want to save the most. This week we are talking with a few experts on starting your own backyard farm. We will talk vegetables, but also raising your chickens and goats! Do you need a lot of land? Our first guest Angela England, author of Backyard Farming on an Acre or Less, will share how she provides over 40% of her families produce on only 1/4 acre!

If you are just getting started don’t forget to check out all the resources your local extension office has. We will discuss with SC Extension Agent Tony Melton about getting your yard ready for garden and all the resources your extension office has to help you get started.

In the end, channel your inner child and let’s get ready to play in the dirt and start to save big bucks by getting dirty and growing our own food. You can’t save anything if you don’t try!