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Your Business, Your Heart!

Oma Edoja

Your Business, Your Heart! – Staying Safe and Keeping It Legal: What Every Woman in Business Needs to Know from the People Who Know the Law! Part Two

This is the second part in our two-part legal series. In Part One, we had Suzanne Dibble, The Small Business Law Expert, from the UK on the show and she did great justice to the topic (pun intended!). If you missed Part One, I highly recommend that you go back to our archives and listen to it first. You will then also be able to claim the free copyright checklist and accompanying webinar that Suzanne is making available to listeners of this show. I found it very helpful and you don’t want to miss it!

In this episode, we have Intellectual Property attorney, Jed Mullens and Trademark attorney, Laurie Marshall with us, both from the US. They share further insights to keep you safe and within the law and are gifting us with access to their fixed fees and special support packages.

For more about Jed Mullens please go to: www.jedmullenslaw.com

For more about Laurie Marshall, please go to: www.tmthespot.com