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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Visionary Intuitive Healing

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” host Sheryl Glick a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher welcomes Inna Segal intuitive healer and author of “The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions,” a guide and manual for healing your body, improving relationships, tuning into your energy center, and creating a new reality. The book is designed to lead readers beyond merely concern for healing the body to a healing way of life. In discussing how emotions can contribute to the development of various illnesses and ailments and how learning to deal with untamed emotions such as depression, anger, grief and sadness we usher in a new way for improving how we deal with health issues. Distant healing and miracles along with taking a look at how we may recognize our Shadow Side, see the hidden negative or fearful parts of ourselves, and realize they may sabotage relationships, business, money and other opportunities are also discussed in this show.

Inna tells her story: as a teenager she suffered from severe back pain, anxiety and a skin disorder. Despite visits to doctors, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals her back continued to deteriorate until she was barely able to walk. In an incredible twist of fate, and while meditating she discovered an unusual way of communicating with her body and was able to release all the pain and negative emotions. Inna shares her belief that we are all intuitive and have the ability for self-healing our physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. In addition Inna tells us we all have spiritual gifts which enable us to appreciate the beauty of nature and the people who are in our lives. Healers, mediums, psychics, yogis, are all working with energy to open up channels to higher intelligence and Universal Energy. Inna is able as a medical intuitive to see illness and the blocks in a person’s body explain what is occurring, offering the deeper reasons or perhaps karmic challenges in this life and guiding her client through their own self-healing process. Change as many of us know requires self-investigation and deep work to make changes in our thinking and actions. The only way improvement is possible is by greater awareness and personal responsibility for change.

In the foreword to the book written by Michael Bernard Beckwith founder of the “Agape Spiritual Foundation” he says, ”The important thing to realize is that intuition goes beyond the rationalizing, analyzing, intellectual mind that is often held hostage by the 5 senses and perceptual limitations. “ Inna tells us more about intuition and instinct which goes beyond the 5 senses and gives us a deeper awareness of higher consciousness of our human and energetic diversities. The wisdom of the physical body is Instinct and the wisdom of soul consciousness is Intuition.

Inna relates, ”The truth is intuition is natural and available to all who are willing to invest the appropriate time and energy to hone it…Intuition is one of the most down to earth and vital abilities to develop, one that assists us in all aspects of our life.

Beckwith says, “Intuition cannot be explained scientifically because the very phenomenon is unscientific: it is beyond logic.”

Sheryl says,” Intuition is beyond the physical world and a spiritual thread of connection to Universal or Divine Energy: the precursor to physical life and eternal life as well. In using our intuition to remember our soul essence and divine nature, we may navigate the blessings and challenges of our physical lives…end the separation or doubts, loneliness or lack of faith that often plague us as human beings and end immense suffering.”

In attempting to understand what true healing is… many guests of Healing From Within have expressed similar thoughts as follows… True healing is a multi-dimensional process incorporating the release of unproductive or harmful patterns of behavior, replacing illusionary or false beliefs with a clearer view of the Oneness or Unity of humanity: thereby attaining a state of acceptance wellbeing and greater personal and physical health. It seems that still far too many people are only focused on the physical nature of their lives and are therefore working at half mast. By recognizing our higher selves, our intuition and instincts as the internal connection to past present and future events, we can use our energetic wisdom, resolve personal issues, and take responsibility for our personal health and growth.

People have many different ways to define intuition and Inna describes intuition as your guiding mechanism, your connection to the invisible subtle, and Divine realms of existence. To be intuitive means to be able to tune into your body, soul or Higher Self both for spiritual guidance and to decipher messages you receive for making empowering choices. Intuitive insights can come to you when you are awake, meditating, dreaming taking a shower, exercising or just relaxing.

Inna mentions Mona Lisa Schultz author of “Awakening Intuition” who writes, “Intuition is an internal form of perception of things that are not directly in front of us in the world. It’s an inner sight, a form of hearing, body sense, and emotion. It’s actually an enhancement of the other senses.”

Inna also works with color healing as a tool for aiding in self-healing..and tells the story of Rhonda who helped her mother to heal thyroid cancer using Reiki or Universal Energy and also color therapy. She described several colors: Orange which relates to the second chakra known as the sacral chakra as helpful in boosting the immune system and also helpful in dissolving painful emotions: Green relates to the heart chakra and aids in eliminating frustration and revitalizing the nervous and circulatory systems: Blue is helpful in revitalizing the throat chakra. Wearing and visualizing these colors during healing sessions or meditation are a small part of the overall plan of treatment for helping Rhonda.

Inna’s book also discussed cellular memories and the part they play in rediscovering the true nature of our energetic and physical being and further ways to understand our health issues. Inna’s understanding of a cellular memory is that cells in the body can store information, memories or traumas from earlier experiences, ancestors, or past lives and also contain information that relates to our conscious or subconscious patterns of behaviors. Steven Thayer founder of Integrated Energy Therapy says, “ Every cell in our body has the ability to remember. Our cellular memory can store the memory of Physical trauma: accidents, cuts, bruises, surgeries or abuse: Emotional trauma, heartache, fear and anger: Mental trauma, manifests as low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, worry.

Sheryl as an energy practitioner-teacher and empath, adds her thoughts that many of us are not only dealing with our own cellular memory, but as we are interconnected to every bit of DNA and Universal Life Energy of the past present and future, we are experiencing the cellular memories of those people closest to us..somewhat like a twin might know the pain of their sibling or the moment of death of someone who is very close to us.

Inna goes on to mention the chakras or energy points of the body which may be visualized as rotating wheels of light starting with the root chakra at the base of the spine and going past the other 6 chakras ending with the crown chakra at the top of the head…these are the main 7 chakras relating to the organs and neurological, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive and hormonal systems of the physical body, and when issues in our life are dealt with and decisions made to let go of stress, fear, limitations, the chakras spin and turn like any wheel…however when there are unresolved problems, blockages develop in the chakra that relates to that life experience and the wheels become unbalanced, wobble or may even shut down leading to health issues. Energy healing sessions should be part of all wellness programs and also be utilized when dealing with serious health issues or surgical procedures and in conjunction with traditional medical practices often aid in a reduction of pain and a speedier recovery.

Inna shares her belief that there is scientific evidence that supports the belief that thoughts, emotions, and or behavior can contribute to illness. Candace Pert, Chief of the section on Brain Biochemistry at the Clinical Neuroscience Branch at the National Institute of Mental Health, also author of” Molecules Of Emotions”writes, “I’ve come to believe that virtually all illness if not psychosomatic in nature, in foundation still has a psychosomatic component…The energies of emotions run through every system of the body and is a demonstration of the body mind’s intelligence wise enough to seek wellness and to keep us disease free without the modern high tech medical intervention we now seek. Sheryl and Inna agree with this and suggest that when people work on the causes of their distress either emotional or physical, and make necessary life changes in relationships, personal behavior and perceptions, many situations are dramatically improved.

Inna quotes a statement from Dr. Deepak Chopra from his book “Quantum Healing” which says,” The frustrating reality as far as medical researchers are concerned is that we already know that the living body is the best pharmacy ever devised. It produces diuretics, painkillers, tranquillizers, sleeping pills and antibiotics in the right dosage, releasing them at the right time, and side effects are minimal or non-existent. The problem is we must learn how to access our own innate intelligence to heal ourselves while using medicine when it is appropriate.”

Dr. Patrick Quantn says…”Illness has not so much to do with “out there” as it has with “in here.” It is an internal affair and what is required is a shift in thinking.

Inna also mentions another pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness..Caroline Myss author of “Sacred Contracts” and many other books, described that sacred contracts with people in our lives were made before we were born, determines the way our life plays out, who we meet, our opportunities and our challenges. But of course, the outcome is based on the choices we make. This is how our Soul matures and how we come to know ourselves and others. Sheryl believes the desire for Soul maturity is a main reason that a soul chooses to experience life on the earth plane.

Inna Segal’s book The Secret of Life Wellness offers ideas for healing your body, connecting to your inner wisdom, and discovering your purpose and isn’t that a start to the knowing of our endless possibilities for improving and enjoying life in all its magnificence!