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Dr. Randy, Radio Pet Vet

Dr. Randy Aronson, VMD, CCRT

P.A.W.S. Radio – Animal Physical Rehabilitation for development and repair, Erica McElwey, EqcCnTM., Dr. Randy Aronson, Paul Blaushild, Behavioral Trainer
Green Cawood, Producer and Blogger

Dr. Randy’s team applies therapies that include:
Acupuncture, E-stim, Laser therapy, Pulsed Signal Magnetic Therapy
Nutritional Counseling Food Therapy, Vitamins, Supplements,
Rehabilitation physical therapy medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine

Live Appearance Event.
Bark Avenue Pet Supply Store
Saturday, January 11th, 2014
2:00 pm.
Phoenix, Arizona
RSVP: 480-832-2510

A new way to reach the Pet Vet: Google hangouts chat with video.

Studio Phone guest:
Erica McElwey, EqcCnTM
Change your range
Animal Rehabilitation Center in Western Massachusetts for Equine and Canines.

What is Myotherapy?
McElwey specializes in trigger point muscle therapy strengthening. Providing advice on how to detect your animals’ weaknesses and when it could be too late. Her trot and stop steps method aids in rebuilding function while observing development.

Agility training:
Proper form and function reasons to prevent injury. How this specific training aids in proper natural body development. What the vet has seen that effects the pets’ discomfort. Hear her consultations on age range specific training techniques. An animals’ adaptation to human structures may not be natural for growth.

New training trends to watch for: Hydrotherapy, Gates, Mats, Treadmills.

Caller Elaine asks How can a pet recuperate from the paralysis side effects of tick bites.