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Healing From Within – Proof of After Death Communication

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author of Life Is No Coincidence –The Life and Afterlife Connection welcomes Annie Kagan author of The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. Annie began a professional songwriting and performing career at the age of fifteen and was signed by a producer from Columbia Records. After ten years, Annie returned to college and became a Doctor of Chiropractic with a private practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Attracted to Eastern spiritual traditions, Annie practiced yoga and pursued an intense meditation practice. Eventually, following her inner voice, she returned to song writing and collaborating with Grammy and Emmy award-winning producer Brian Keane. Her creative energies led her to a writer’s workshop and during that time her older brother William (aka Billy) died accidentally and unexpectedly. Soon after, Billy began speaking to her from the afterlife. Annie has combined her talents as a lyricist, performer and healer in order to bring to the public both a scientific and spiritual view of love and its continuance beyond the boundaries of our physical world.

As a former skeptic, Sheryl, now an intuitive healer and medium, validates many of the spiritual laws and visions that Billy shared with his sister. It is only by accessing this hidden or non-visible dimension, that we can truly understand the nature of life—our energetic being and our physical body. Billy’s profound and artistically rendered descriptions of the mystical realms he encounters beyond his physical life provide much insight into the human soul and the magnificence of life and death.

Annie uses a term After Death Communication which is not to be confused with Near Death Experiences and describes her confusion and initial doubt when a dialogue began shortly after her brother Billy passed.

Annie, though she has practiced meditation and other spiritual practices, says she is not a Medium, however it appears that clairaudiently, using the gift of inner hearing, was the main way she was able to connect to her brother’s spiritual energy. Her brother’s mission was to share his love and further explain some of the events of his life; his addictions and events that brought sadness to Annie and her family. Healing of misconstrued or misunderstood emotions between loved ones continues when we are able to communicate with our deceased relatives and friends. Actually, it seems life or death provides experiences and opportunities to evolve and to find greater love and compassion in unexpected and miraculous ways.

Annie shares with us that it was her birthday when she suddenly awoke to Billy calling her name and immediately recognized his unmistakable deep, mellow voice. Of course she thought she was dreaming and it reminded Sheryl of a night 20 years ago when she also though she was dreaming and heard her Grandfather William tell her to write something for her father…Sheryl thought it was a dream, but the next day she received a call from her Mother telling her that her father had passed away. Sheryl wrote his eulogy and after years of searching to understand that night eventually realized she had a Spiritual Visitation, not a dream. Sheryl went on to write her first book, Life Is No Coincidence—The Life and Afterlife Connection and discovered by following the clues and messages from Spirit, that she had developed intuitive and healer/mediumship qualities.

During Billy’s first visitation, he said to Annie, “Get the red journal I got you for your last birthday” and he began to tell her of the place he found himself in after the accident where he died. “The first thing that happens is bliss: at least it was like that in my case. I don’t know if it’s that way for everyone who dies. As the car hit me, this energy came and sucked me right out of my body into a higher realm…a feeling of rising up and all pain was gone..I knew right away I was dead, and went with it more than ready for whatever was waiting…I just felt light and was brought up inside a chamber of silvery blue lights. Not a tunnel but a chamber..wherever I looked there was light…I still felt like I had my body…my body felt better and better, not just the wounds from the accident, but all harm I suffered during my life was erased: physical, mental, emotional or otherwise. Soon Daddy appeared young and smiling as ever..Daddy was there for awhile but not the main event..the main event was the silvery lights and their party atmosphere. Welcome home Son. This chamber was some kind of birthing canal that delivered me into this new life…into the glorious universe..I also felt beings around me..Higher Beings.. more than one.. a celestial crew it seems. Don’t be sad…death isn’t as serious as you think…saying goodbye isn’t as serious either because we will meet again.”

Sheryl informs Annie that each time she meditates to receive guidance from this higher plane, as an energy practitioner she feels the celestial crew that Billy described and they bring healing words, energies and love through the messages that she receives for her clients.

In later visits from Billy he expresses the nature of life on earth as harsh and that is how it is supposed to be…not punishment for past transgressions not about sin either…but merely the way to remember the things we forgot from former times and places and to try to share our inner being or Soul energy and love with is a time for us to be seen and known.

Billy described drifting through space and feeling the light rays from celestial bodies sparkling all around: these rays had a personality of sorts like wisdom, kindness compassion and intelligence. The light rays may be the super-thoughts of a Supreme Being itself. Your eyes in a human body can’t see the light directly, only the things it shines upon so the light remains invisible in the visible. Billy further surmised You are not only the person who walks the earth…you have a soul and that is what the spiritual search seeks to remember or find once again.

Billy describes the Eastern Concept of Maya or Illusion which states quite simply that everything is temporary…our physical lives are temporary.

The average American may find Dr. Kagan’s narrative of her other worldly adventures with a deceased brother hard to understand. However, according to Dr. Raymond Moody, the foremost authority on Near Death Experiences and a former guest on Healing From Within, says Greek Philosophers who founded Western Thought knew full well about what they called “Walkers between Worlds.” The walkers between the worlds had important social functions…to watch over the living and the dead. Dr. Moody shares other thoughts about the afterlife and our connections to that dimension suggesting these walkers between the worlds were mediators, intermediaries, or messengers much like devoted spiritual leaders, visionaries, mediums and healers.

Annie describes her joy in discovering how Billy in Spirit finally had an absolute acceptance of himself and how he felt he was on some kind of drug, but it was nothing like he had experienced in his hard life as a heroin addict. Though his life had been difficult, he still felt he had a great Life. He called this drug DIVINE PRESENCE and described it as those Beings in the Atmosphere who were wise, kind, super-evolved Beings whose loving custody he was in and he told Annie, “When you think about Love with your human mind you cannot fully access this over the top love you begin to feel for yourself and others: absolute acceptance without judgment, drama, or resistance.”

In the chapter entitled “Rescue Mission”, Billy said the following…“Here’s another secret for you sister..There is no right way for things to turn out. Some endings are happier, some not so happy, but it’s not just the happiness percentage that matters. It’s the music of it. Most people’s lives don’t have enough music…I was lucky, my life was a rock opera.” Sheryl concurs with Billy, for as a medium, she has to transcend her personal thought processes and enter a higher vibrational state: music, yoga and meditation are other means to work towards achieving this state. It is not so much focusing on the harshness of life as finding the courage and music of our souls, encouraging us to move through emotions and safeguard the higher values and feelings of Above while remembering our interconnection to all, always finding greater harmony, balance and joy in life.

Annie Kagan’s book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers shares the beauty and mystery of her connection to her brother both in life and in Spirit, delivering messages of the secret of life as discovered through this intimate and personal dialogue with Spirit. As a medium and author of her soon to be released book, The Living Spirit, it has been Sheryl’s hope to share Proof of eternal source and our energetic soul being documenting advantageous life values for a healthy physical and spiritual life. Therefore, it is my pleasure to recommend Annie’s story: it is not only her brother’s description of the Universe and Eternal Soul Life, but continuing proof presented by mediums, intuitives, and near death survivors who have travelled in the higher realms, who bring back the beautiful true version of life, creation and love that is sometimes forgotten while living in the physical world. We can access that higher state of bliss, peace and love here on Earth if we strive to keep an open mind and heart and listen to the messages and music of the soul that sings of eternal hope for all.