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How To Live Cancer Free

Bill Henderson

How to Live Cancer Free – “Dr. John Hall and Cancer Healing”

Bill Henderson interviews Dr. John Hall, the Director of Research for Natural Source International in New York City. Dr. Hall explains the action of several of Natural Source’s products; in particular, one which Bill has found improved his prostate problems dramatically: Prostabel. Dr. Hall also describes Ladybel (for women) and Real Build.  Stay tuned ’til the end to hear how YOU can get a special 20% discount off your first order just for being a listener of How to Live Cancer Free! Bill also talks about Dr. Douglas Cook, a Wisconsin dentist and his wonderful book called Rescued By My Dentist.

“For the majority of Cancers, genetics play a specific role,” says Dr. John Hall.  Lifestyle, diet, and nutrition play huge roles as well.  Knowing this, we can further understand the mutation of our genes and what eventually causes Cancer to form.  But what does all this mean in laymans’s terms?  And how can everyday men and women use this knowledge to help prevent Cancer from occurring?  Dr. Hall and Bill Henderson are on the case!

Interested listeners from last week’s episode will be happy to hear another take on the work of Dr. Mirko Beljanski, Ph.D., and his research of cellular biology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris in the late 50′s. His discovery of Reverse Transcription within cells is the basis for substances which seem to be healing both Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer!  These two natural plant substances, called Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria, act at the cellular level to help the body rid itself of damaged cells.  They’re also the key ingredients in Prostabel (the product that cured Bill Henderson’s swollen prostate!) and Ladybel.

Are you having trouble urinating?  Is your prostate swollen, painful, or possibly Cancerous?  Are you a woman who knows a man who struggles with these issues?  If so, then this is the show for you.  Listen in and kiss your pain goodbye!