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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – The Incarcerated – Reflections of Society

This past year Colorado had one of its highest ranking officials; Tom Clements, Head of the Department of Corrections executed at his home while answering the door at 8:30pm. It rocked the state, the corrections industry around the nation and many changes have occurred since.

This hits particularly home for us for a number of reasons.
Least of which my main HQ & retail operations is located in Canon City. This little town doesn’t usually show up on a map. The town is mostly touristic in nature but the bread and butter of this community is not readily apparent to the visiting eye. You see, Canon City and the surrounding area are home to the world’s largest inmate population! This community has been housing the criminals since before Colorado was even a State…

Victory Defense Consulting resides a crossed the street from the State Corrections Academy – purely by accident when a realtor screwed up our first choice in location but it became a blessing.

Here to talk about the world of bad guys.
And in full disclosure I am going to tell you my special guest is also one of our awesome staff members. Joe is a Vietnam War Vet and a Retired Warden with a long distinguished career in the corrections industry. He mentors all our Corrections industry clients many of them are academy graduates who have loads of questions about the gear they need and what is authorized etc. He does this so well that they just have to come back to see him again and he holds an informal coffee club for our loyal customers. It’s his experience that makes a huge difference to our customers and it’s greatly appreciated what he does for them and for us. Heck hiring him might have been one of the smartest things I have done in a while.

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