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Dr. Randy, Radio Pet Vet

Dr. Randy Aronson, VMD, CCRT

P.A.W.S. Radio – Walk the Cat? Booties for Pollutant Protection and Kitty’s Business Outside the Box., Dr. Randy Aronson, Paul Blaushild, Behavioral Trainer
Green Cawood, Producer and Blogger
Dr. Randy’s team applies therapies that include:
Acupuncture, E-stim, Laser therapy, Pulsed Signal Magnetic Therapy
Nutritional Counseling Food Therapy, Vitamins, Supplements,
Rehabilitation physical therapy medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine

Callers and Topics
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Exercise New Years Resolution- Walking your Dog and Cat.
Can cats be walked and how do you train them? Additional well being effects benefits of owning a pet. Consider volunteering at a local pet shelter if you can’t commit to a long term investment.

Introducing a Cat to the Pack
Jay, a two dog household owner, recently adopted a cat, but disruptive alpha dominance needs to be tamed. Paul, the dog behaviorist, provides a few handling suggestions for both the cat and the dog. Spencer calls in and explains why cats hide and climb.

Pet Booties- Protection from Warmth and Pollutants
Keeping the animals warm and dry but also avoiding road pollutants that could irritate. Road or Car maintenance residue leads to harm on contact or ingestion.

Why is the Kitty Doing Business Outside of Litter Box

Spencer- 16 week old kitten doing her business outside the litter box.
Is it a dominance thing? Tips to avoid access to areas they shouldn’t be. Cats usually get trained by their mothers, so what is making them go elsewhere?