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Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life

Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – The Power Of Thought As A Key To Success

Have you ever heard the saying ‘thoughts become things’? it was thought leader Bob Proctor who said that. What I want to know is, do you get what it means? Do you understand that what’s going on in your head, your heart, your emotions and your behaviour, all driven by your thoughts, have a massive impact on your success potential every single day?

You’ve heard show host Shannon Bush talk about mindset and attitude a lot in many, many different episodes so if you’re a regular listener you’ll know it’s a great passion of hers – that’s because every day she gets to see the impact that someone’s thoughts are having on every single part of their lives and often that impact is not working so well for them!

Today Shannon Bush chats with a guest who shares her passion for getting people to think differently. Gary Bertwistle has built his reputation helping companies unlock great ideas in the areas of brand, marketing, business planning and performance. He speaks about it and writes about it. He has written 6 books, opened Australia’s first ever creative thinking venue at Fox Studios in Sydney and is an award winning speaker with a passion for all things thought and mojo related.

Gary shares with Shannon his thoughts and insights into how to change your attitude and your thinking to get better results in life and business. As a regular publisher of great content through his weekly blog and newsletter ‘the espresso – what’s news in thinking’ Gary shares how, over a cup of coffee amazing dreams can be born, decisions and choices made to commit to those dreams and then those dreams can become reality. He is co-founder of an incredible charity initiative, the Tour de Cure, a charity cycling event held annually in Australia that has raised over $1 million to support cancer research and treatment for men, women and children. His passion for doing something bigger drives his power of thought and is a true inspiration for others.

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