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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Fat Grafting: using small amounts to rejuvenate hands & face: Dr Lycka & Dr Hanabergh

Fat grafting was the big story of 2013 and what’s not to like? Take your unwanted fat from one body area and use it to rejuvenate another. We have talked previously about using fat in breast augmentation for example, but today we are talking about using small amounts of your fat to provide rejuvenation and volume replacement in smaller delicate areas such as your face and hands. On Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, your host Dr Barry Lycka welcomes once again Dr Enrique Hanabergh, aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon from South Florida, who shares with us the latest details of this exciting technique. The two doctors discuss all aspects of using fat grafting for replacing lost volume to an aging face or aging hands, and compare it with using other injectable facial fillers such as Hyaluronic Acid fillers. Presented in a clear & easy to understand way, you will understand why fat grafting will continue to be the story of 2014 as well!
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