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Dr. Randy, Radio Pet Vet

Dr. Randy Aronson, VMD, CCRT

P.A.W.S. Radio – Dog Grieves Owner is Gone. Hair loss and FDA tests. Midnight snacks and Toxic Grass, Dr. Randy Aronson, Paul Blaushild, Behavioral Trainer
Green Cawood, Producer and Blogger
Dr. Randy’s team applies therapies that include:
Acupuncture, E-stim, Laser therapy, Pulsed Signal Magnetic Therapy
Nutritional Counseling Food Therapy, Vitamins, Supplements,
Rehabilitation physical therapy medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine

Callers and Topics

Paul’s Case of the Week: Grieving dog separated from elderly owner.
How to comfort the animals. Comfort tools that help calm their spirits. Refocus agility work, but also cautious of triggering fond memories of the previous owner.
Signs of grieving: appetite, lethargic, lack of enthusiasm, repetitive searching.
Sarah- Recommends Bach Flower Essence as a Calming Agent.

Pet hair loss, what causes it and how to help it.
What causes it, how to help it, what is triggering it? New supplements coming out of Europe and Asia. United States FDA reviews to clear to bring to the country or not. Use of color therapy.

Sharon- My dog is whining and crying in the middle of the night to be fed.
Chinese medicine – Biological time clocks, certain time frames represent maps of organs that could be stimulated.

Herbs and pressure points that help the liver.
Which herbs help with liver function. How alcohol for humans does not help with sleep.

Susan – Why do dogs eat grass?

Marijuana movement showing increase of toxicity in animals.
Current trending of legalizing marijuana across areas in the United States are spiking cases of toxicity amongst animals.