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Talk for Food- Dan Nelson, Hydration, and the Power of Efficient Water

Water is a subject that is often assumed to be so well understood that few new understandings have found their way from research science to industry, relative to best practices with regard to such matters as disfinfection methods and treatment. As such, our supplies of healthy, life-sustaining water, have dwindled as contamination levels have gradually and steadily risen.

Yet, books like Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water, by MJ Pangman and Melany Evans, The Hydrogen Cipher, by Judy Beebe (both guests on Talk For Food(), and scholarly papers such as “Stable, High Spin-State Water,” by today’s guest, Dan Nelson, are part of an evolving consciousness around this most precious substance. That is why this week’s show with Dan Nelson, a quantum physicist who has engineered a “hydration additive” that, when added to water, dramatically increases its efficiency, is an important one.

During a road trip in 2013 that spanned over two months and more than 9,000 miles, Adam visited Dan at his home in Helena, Montana, for this timely conversation.

Could it really be simply about dehydration? More importantly, could “the cure” for many of humanity’s escalating health problems be “more efficient water?”

The question is too important not to be asked, and answered.

This is the first of a two episode show. Tune in and tell your friends.

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