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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

Mary Treacy O'Keefe

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – New Year’s Revolution with Mark Bowness

At the age of 26, Mark Bowness’s life hit rock bottom. When his marriage ended, he was severely depressed, drinking too much and eventually tried to take his own life. This attempt led to a powerful awakening: he realized had lived for 26 years and yet had never truly lived. He now believes his suicide attempt was a cry for help that became an impetus for transformation. As a result of this profound life change, he has become absolutely committed to instigating life change, community change and world change.

His goal now is to help others live the life they are created to live. He believes in “God-tential”, that we have the potential to live as God wants us to live. Mark has developed several principles to help us achieve our potential. 1) Leverage our experience. 2) Set our intention: What is the intention behind the change we want to make? 3) Focus on change you want to make. This might involve distancing ourselves from those who won’t support the changes desired. 4) Engagement is about the congruency of body, mind and spirit towards the change.

Mark discusses why New Year’s resolutions fail. Despite our desire to change behaviors, old habits often sabotage our efforts. We don’t have the tools and techniques to accomplish our goals. We often don’t have a community to support the changes we seek to make. He brought together 32 experts to create a FREE 200 page ebook to provide advice and strategies for overcoming excuses and begin to make transformational improvements in our lives. Mark’s website provides the opportunity to ask questions of experts and get the ebook: To contact Mark, visit: