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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Anti-Aging Skin Care Secrets from Hollywood : Dr Lycka & Trina Renea

Do you know what the best kept secret is in a cosmetic doctor’s office? Keep guessing… It’s not the doctor, their lasers, or the medication but it’s a special staff member – the esthetician! It’s the well trained experienced professional esthetician who knows in great detail about the ingredients of skin care products and really how to care for and improve your skin. And who better to share their secrets on anti-aging skin care and facial rejuvenation, than a Hollywood esthetician? On Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, your host Dr Barry Lycka welcomes Trina Renea, who shares with us the secrets of how an esthetician can take care of your skin. She explains the exact steps that are needed and explains how the skin reacts to that care. She also discusses her favourite ingredients in skin care products and highlights how she helps patients use them to get their best possible results. Want beautiful skin like the stars? Trina is here to tell you how!

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