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Mark Spivak

Quench! – Form Your Own Tasting Group

Over the past five years, wine drinkers have become less dependent on ratings. Part of the shift in attitude is due to the Internet, as a spate of new websites has encouraged consumers to share their opinion about the wines they drink. Americans are relying less and less on publications such as the Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate, and placing more confidence in their own evaluations. The best way to expose yourself to a range of wines, and build up more confidence in your own opinions, is to form your own tasting group. Mark offers pointers on the mechanics and organization of a tasting group, and gives some insights into its benefits. On Bizarre Beverage News, he once again explores a trio of stories: the worldwide map of Scotch drinkers, the disturbing mixology trend toward tobacco infusions, and the ultimate triumph of the glassmaker’s art—the Riedel Coca-Cola glass.


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