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The New Relationship Reality Show

Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – Talk To Your Honey About Money!

January is the most stressful month when it comes to our finances. Those stresses explode when the money issues exist within a relationship.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

There was a recent study of 100 couples that had been married for 12 years, on average who were asked to keep a diary for 15 days in which they recorded their “differences of opinion”…

Seven hundred and forty-eight (748!!!) conflicts later… this study found that MONEY, SPENDING, EARNING and PAYING BILLS is the topic that absorbs more time than all the others.

Finance is the one topic that triggers the MOST negative feelings – depression and outbursts of anger… AND it is more likely than any other topic to be set aside for discussion at a later time.

The real issue, if you ask me, is…

The pain and suffering we bring to the topic of money, and our procrastination in dealing with it. .

I believe that a good financial conversation will enhance the intimacy in a relationship to the same degree that fighting about it will erode the love.

Tune into today’s show to find out how to have fun getting on the same page with your honey about Money!

You won’t want to miss the words of wisdom from Syble Solomon or discovering how playing her game, Money Habitudes, will increase your compassion and help facilitate a fun and effective conversation about money.

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Later in the show… I introduce a new segment – Love the One You’re With – and focus on Excellent Self Care with nutritionist JoAnna Priest. We look at how to increase the joy in relationships by how we care for ourselves. Learn how the thoughts you have while eating are as nourishing as the food going into your body.

The Relationship Reality Check completes the show with nuggets about the value of talking with your honey about money in a fun and easy way while nourishing your body until it sings.