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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – A talk with Red Jacket Firearms’ Leading Lady – Stephanie Hayden

A special guest is waiting for you in this episode… special in every way.
The one and only Daughter of the God of Guns; Red Jacket Firearms’ very own and the Leading Lady of Discovery Channel’s Son’s of Guns.
Stephanie Hayden has been around guns her whole life, she is in the middle of a career while being surrounded by the best experts in the industry, and she gets to see some of the most unique firearms the industry has to offer. From Black Powder to Full Auto she gets to see and do it all.

Stephanie Hayden joins me and discusses the trends helping increase greater female participation into the industry. I ask a question she has never before answered in public; she shares a secret with you listeners and I – so listen for it and hear it only here on America’s Frontlines of Crime & War! She then tells us about the new things coming from Red Jacket Firearms for 2014.

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