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Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101

Denise Krochta

Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101 – Not For Human Consumption

This is a term used by many of those in the multi billion dollar industry of synthetic marijuana. These words are put on the packaging of synthetic marijuana supposedly to take the responsibility off the sellers and put it onto the users of these products. We recognize this product in the news referred to as K2 and sometimes Spice. It has numerous other names too. As quickly as these compounds are becoming illegal that is how quickly a “molecule” is changed in the compound and repackaged as a legal compound. People are becoming very sick and dying from this. It is important to know about it.

Denise’s guest this week is Joshua Louis whose new movie, “Not For Human Consumption” is a story of the evolution of this product, first in South Florida and then nationally. The movie is about his story and experience in the world of addiction and “entrepreneurship”. You can check out what’s going on with this movie on his facebook page and website.