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The New Relationship Reality Show

Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – Good Questions = Great Choices

We now have a lot more freedom when it comes to making choices to begin or end a marriage. Although freedom of choice is a good thing, it can bring with it another type of problem. With so many choices, we can get confused when we don’t know the right questions. That confusion gets us into a lot of trouble.

Asking the right questions gives us the information that always leads to great choices and fulfilling outcomes, especially in the area of marriage and divorce.

It’s not just WHO you marry, but WHY you are making the choice to marry. It’s not just WHY you have decided to divorce, it’s also HOW you are choosing to end the marriage.

With new choices and freedom come the responsibility to craft our lives in ways that are fulfilling. We need to ask inspiring questions to help guide us with these life-changing choices.

In today’s show, Kat has a lively conversation with Jennifer Monahan, author of “My First Three Husbands”, which is a beautiful book dedicated to “All Those Willing To Give Love One More Chance”. Their conversation is an eye-opener if you want to ask yourself the right questions as you face an important choice in your life.

Also contributing nuggets to this conversation is Christopher Connolly, faculty member at Santa Monica College, who describes how to navigate a healthy divorce and “take the love with you”.

And you won’t want to miss Kat and Curtis as they deliver the “Relationship Reality Check” – ways to use this conversation in your life right now to improve your relationship and make better choices in your life.