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Turning Problems Into Profits

Ann Hession

Turning Problems Into Profits – You’ve got 10 seconds…

When someone asks “What do you do?” or “Tell me about your business” – what do you say? The experts say you’ve got 10 seconds, at most, to get someone’s interest, and get them to say the magic words, “Tell me more” or even better, “Wow, how do you do that?”

In my experience, most business owners blow these opportunities more often than not – I’ve done it myself! — and what could have been a great opening conversation ends up as “go nowhere” small talk.

Join me and my guest, Rich Austin, from, as we get into the details of the most common mistake business owners make in talking about what they do – and four great categories of “Openers” that you can use to really open up a great conversation in those first 10 seconds, with prospects, customers, and pretty much anyone else.

Because a great opener is the first step to a great close!