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Bonnie Compton APRN, BC, CPNP

Wholehearted Parenting – RAISING A HEALTHY EATER

As a parent, we know about the importance of feeding our children nutritious food…but knowing it and actually doing it are two different things! What about those picky eaters…the ones who only want to eat mac n cheese and chicken nuggets. We’re also well aware of the increasing rate of childhood obesity, which not only affects children during their childhood, but has far reaching health implications as adults.

I’ve invited my guest, Dr. Ann to help us explore ways for parents to raise a healthy eater…and it’s never too late to start. As a physician, best-selling author, and motivational speaker, Dr. Ann Kulze is on a personal crusade to share with as many people as possible the joys of living well. She is a renowned authority in the areas of nutrition, healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. With her unique background and formal training in both nutrition and medicine, along with her extensive “hands on” experience as a wife, mother of 4 and trusted family physician, Dr. Ann has distinguished herself as a one-of-a-kind “real world” nutrition and wellness expert. In addition to her private wellness coaching practice, she is a corporate wellness trainer and a highly sought motivational speaker. Dr. Ann has been featured in a number of national media outlets including the Dr. Oz show, Oprah and Friends Radio, Time Magazine, NPR, WebMD, CNN Radio, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Prevention, and Redbook, among many others.

As a gifted teacher and author, with unrivaled credibility and passion, Dr. Ann transforms all of the “new science” of healthy living into programs that are simple, easy and fun!

I hope you’ll plan to join us as we explore…
• A child’s natural ability to stop eating when they’re full
• The detrimental effects of exposing young children to processed food…referred to as “ultra-palatable” food
• Ways to include veggies in your child’s diet
• Reasons why family meals are so important
• Simple steps to help your child and family develop life-long healthy eating habits

It’s never too late to create healthy eating habits!
Please join us…