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Talk for Food – Heart Rhythm: Energetic Key to Physical Health with Dr. Ron Shefi

While the general public is literally being herded into the “insured” rolls on the back of the “Affordable Health Care Act,” few are raising their voice to take umbrage with the system itself which, if judged by its ability to help a sick person get well again, has been broken for quite some time.

Why would anyone who understood the importance of balance, referred to as homeostasis to the human body and energy field, subject themselves to a medical treatment orthodoxy that relies on, and in fact, features methods that create greater imbalance in its prime “arsenal?”

Perhaps the use of the term “arsenal,” which seems appropriate when talking about addressing disease, is part of the problem, because society has been so primed to “fight” that it has forgotten another way that holds greater promise; that is, to end hostility and restore harmony.

All that being said, Adam’s guest today, Dr. Ron Shefi, D.C., and author of the book, Ultimate Healing: Medicine Made Easy, takes a decidedly “out-of-the-box” approach to treating disease. His first book, Medicine Re-Written, sums up his sense of what the world needs today. It was here that he first wrote extensively on Heart Rhythm, what it is, and why it is important to each of us.

Tune in as Adam asks the question, and Dr. Shefi helps us on our journey back up the Rabbit Hole, as we get closer to the light of day, and a return to, and restoration of our health.

We’ll also learn about Contact Reflex Analysis, which was introduced by Dr. Richard A. Versendaal, a major influence on Dr. Shefi when he had his chiropractic practice, and the art and science of kineseology, or muscle testing, which can be used to communicate directly with the subconscious mind to discern the truth about any question.

If you’ve come to expect the unconventional with each edition of Talk For Food, here it is!

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