Health and Wellness

Embracing Change

Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW

Embracing Change – “How One Word Can Change Your Life for the Better” with Ashley Davis Bush, LICSW

Did you try to initiate change with a New Year’s Resolution? If you did, chances are that it’s long forgotten. What if there was a way to improve your life bit by bit, year by year, with a single word? Welcome to the “Word of the Year”, an invitation to adopt an inspiring word that will be your guiding compass for the year ahead.

Today, on “Embracing Change,” Ashley talks with Health and Lifestyle Coach Carrie Saba who introduces the idea of using a single word to shape your year. She advises how to select a word (or have it select you), how to own it personally, how to act on it, and how to invite it to change your perspective. Learn how a single word truly can change your life for the better.