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Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life

Jerry Katzman, MD

Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life – Interview Herbert Gould M.D.; Preservatives; The Good The Bad The Ugly

On previous interview shows issues concerning (TDOS) Toxicity, Deficiency,Overweight and Stress including its consequences on weight loss and disease management were emphasized . Subsequent shows discussed the additional effects of preservative toxins found in vaccinations and their possible association with the causation of Autism. In todays interview Jerry Katzman M.D. interviews Herbert Gould M.D. one of the country’s leading ophthalmologists who is Medical director of a company that believes it has created the definitive solution to removing preservatives completely and safely from not only vaccinations, eye drops, skin care products i.e, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, fragrances,etc. but all medicines, extending their shelf life and allowing them to be administered as a multi-dose application to minimize cost. While some preservative uni-dose products do exist they are very expensive and impractical for widespread use and application. The significance of this discovery cannot be understated.