Love and Relationships

Relationship Revelation

Larry Bilotta

Relationship Revelation – Today is Valentine’s Day. Many couples will shower each other with elaborate gifts, cards or flowers, but what if you’ve lost the connection you once had?

What if your attention has shifted to other people outside the marriage – to children, work, family or friends? Is it possible to rekindle the spark you once had and catch the early ‘red flags’ that might cause big problems down the road?

David Olsen, founder of Prepare-Enrich, developed The Couple Checkup tool that has helped over 3 million couples identify relationship strengths and weaknesses across key relationship areas. His scientifically-based assessment tool re-energizes your relationship, brings you closer together as a couple and generates deep, productive conversation you would not otherwise have about your relationship.

Listen to my interview with David to hear first-hand, why these important discussions are so critical to couples – no matter how long you’ve married or how well you think you know each other.