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Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – The Lighter Side of Sex

How would you like to take a look at the lighter side of sex? Sex is one the top “hot topics” people want to know about. One of the reasons we focus so much on this subject is because we are bombarded with tantalizing messages that use sex to sell us something.

There are also all the negative messages we have gotten about sex from childhood to today. The guilt and shame can lead to being shut down or addicted. I don’t think I am exaggerating to say there is a sexual shadow in our culture that is harshly repressed and often recklessly expressed. In my quest for NEW insight on the topic of sex, I found there is an interesting distinction between sex as an expression of the ego or simply a topic focused on body parts… and the Energy of Sex.

To help me explore the light side of sex are my guests, Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver. They have assisted more than 10,000 couples and singles in rekindling and expanding their love and relationships over the past decade. They have just released a book: Sexual Enlightenment and they will reveal things about sex you will not want to miss!