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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Making Action and Reaction Bring Miraculous Results

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” host Sheryl Glick author of “Life Is No Coincidence-The Life and Afterlife Connection” and soon to be released new book “The Living Spirit” welcomes Betsy Otter Thompson, who like Sheryl is an observer of the Laws of Universal Energy for the means of creating our most positive and unique selves. Betsy will discuss her new book The What Happens If I …Book– How to Make Action Reaction Work for You Instead of Against You. Betsy is the author of numerous books including Walking Through Illusion and Love Parent and has been a guest on “Healing From Within” several times. The What Happens If I …Book was written from Betsy’s need to understand her own life exploring and then utilizing The Mirror Theory and the Law of Attraction while asking many of the challenging questions we ask ourselves each day as we try to understand our emotional expressions in regard to our interactions with others. Betsy offers insightful answers and views into these complex questions always reaffirming that no matter how an experience unfolds, it holds the key to our own freedom, joy and well-being, if we find what is beneficial in the experience for growth and happiness… and simply forget about the rest.

In Chapter 1 of the book Betsy gives us several questions which include…Who has my answers?…Who has the truth?…Who can I believe?…Who understands Love?..What words have wisdom?…What words are right?…Which words are wrong?…Who knows the ultimate? and Where can I find it? Betsy thinks that those are questions we knowingly or unknowingly ask ourselves, in some form, each day as we interact with others trying to understand why there are misunderstandings, sorrow, conflict, blame, chaos and so on. It may be that the answers to these questions are unique for your own life path according to your inner values, earlier life experiences with family and friends, or perhaps even soul remembrances from previous life experiences. Others may offer you their opinions according to their own needs, perceptions and what works for them and all are correct because they are responding from their own sense of integrity or inner awareness. Therefore, people should follow their own instincts regardless what is offered by others and according to what feels right for them and will do this into eternity.

Many people are consumed or merely concerned about what the word, Perfection might mean. Actually there is no perfection for the word alone implies you have reached the end goal, while in truth there is no absolute or end goal and perfection suggests to some that there is…the only absolute in matter or in life is that growth and change is ever constant. Betsy suggests that a most important idea to value and hold is “Life is always perfect if you love the life you have.” Pleasure comes from enjoying your pace, appreciating your journey and delighting in those who share your enthusiasms while allowing others to find their own way.

When did the drive for perfection first enter the human experience. Perhaps that began when the Energy of our life force started expecting fulfillment through the action of others. When others couldn’t provide that fulfillment excuses were made as to why not. Energy or each of us wants to make discoveries about love and how to live joyfully: love is its own creativity and to share light or knowledge is part of the game of Enlightenment. Betsy says that the road map to fulfillment is fueled by our inner guidance system and if we follow our intuition and sense of integrity our path unfolds easily. We know seeking perfection fosters insecurity and as we focus on thoughts of changing others, the world, our family, children, friends and work conditions so that everyone will be happier with me, this insecurity keeps us from accepting that life is about loving what is…which is never perfect just in a state of constant change…you can’t feel tomorrow, you can only imagine it..Yesterday is only a memory, and whatever you tell yourself that happened is the reality you remember…so when you believe life is cruel and people are mean…you are being cruel and heartless to yourself. Then you must get back in alignment with your own energy, purpose and seek new expressions to accommodate growth and change. Forget about perfection and just be…find love in your journey.

Betsy goes on to describe Integrity and how integrity can be an ingredient for inner peace. Integrity is the part of you that is real…authentic and unique, uncompromised by the actions and ideas of others…It is your own truth and expression of how you live your life. When you live without integrity, you live without a part of yourself that is real. Then you live according to values and goals offered by other people. Betsy offers a scenario for us to think about in regard to Integrity. What if you could read the minds of others, what would you hope to find there? And if your mind were an open book to others what would you feel comfortable in having them read in yours…although some people think emotions are private, Betsy suggests Emotions are feelings or thoughts of creation…others can sense your feelings and that’s how they know if they want to spend time with you. Nothing in the illusion can prevent them from knowing the reality in others and from them knowing you. Matter cannot perform the task of separation. If there are ill feelings or words it is known by the other party…If a face to face confrontation feels stressful, try to work it out by a soul to soul basis: 1 Invite that person into your prayers and express your desire to heal. 2 Don’t pray for a certain outcome. 3 Pray that each of you finds the relevant growth. The presence or absence of Integrity is what changes your life for the better or worse. There are no secrets…everyone reads your Aura…If you want to see the beauty in others start living the beauty in you. Since the beauty in you is the love you receive…you receive the same as you give. Energy attracts its mirror.

Another important question that Betsy addresses concerns, “What happens if I do what I love, but the Money doesn’t come?” Betsy responds with the idea that the source of abundance is doing what you love and being happy with what arrives. Some people live their entire lives and never see a dime of compensation for the passion they embrace. Money isn’t the reward for doing what you love: happiness is. Material possessions cannot create happiness. Cash flow is something that happens on the outside, but Dedication happens on the inside and the inside creates your future.

Abandonment or the fear of being alone is an issue that affects many people and because of this fear people often refuse to develop their own talents or interests as it might cause others to leave them. Betsy suggests “To Focus on Beginnings, not endings as you are a Never-ending new Beginning.” In thinking about the issue of Abandonment we can recognize both Physical and Emotional abandonment. Physical abandonment is something that happens in the reality of your life. One such physical abandonment is the loss of a shared relationship. However emotional abandonment is the thoughts we internalize which might not reflect the truth. Betsy says the soul is eternal and though a soul’s choice may look cruel and heartless to you, it is what THAT soul needs. It is impossible to think like a victim if your mind is focused on gratitude and being thankful for whatever happened so you could grow. If you choose to feel deceived by others or disappointed you fail to take RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN COURAGE. Happiness doesn’t come from getting what you want. It comes from wanting what you get, no matter what, and from accepting any experience and finding how it has helped you grow. Your conscious mind may not always understand the needs of your soul, but the unconscious does. In conclusion on our thoughts on abandonment ..abandonment is the thought you are alone while Oneness is the thought that everyone is you so you are never truly alone.

Since everything and every thought serve a purpose we may wonder how fear surfaces and how it actually can serve us. Betsy writes, “ The only fearful thought existing is the one that says, Something is wrong. Therefore you only need to find what is right and fear disappears. In going further with this thought we see that the nature of our journey is an opportunity to find every piece of the puzzle without getting impatient if the pieces of the puzzle are not coming together as fast as you wish. The reward is the process of enjoying whatever stage of achievement you are in. You need every stage or it wouldn’t be with you. When anger or fear about anything comes into the mix, this is your preoccupation with what is not…therefore the cure is to get interested in what is.

Betsy defines a mistake as an act without love. Sheryl agrees and suggests there are no mistakes..only opportunities to find growth and a new way of thinking with more love from each experience. A mistake then may be reinterpreted as,” A moment in your emotional evolution that offers an expanding possibility.” Sometimes we, knowingly or unknowingly, create a situation so we may have a way to change our original action that we considered a mistake. The more we work with what we think may be a mistake, the more we honor our evolution and attract people who further enlighten our souls and illuminate the light of our own awareness of what is good for ourselves.

Another area of major concern for many is the need to understand Love and “What happens If I …Obsess over another?” To love and to be loved is the need of every soul, but often so much pain, unhappiness and sorrow surrounds what should be the greatest part of our life experience. It seems we love others because we sense something wonderful in is a feeling and mental surrender in the most caring direction we might take. It isn’t a matter of whether you should or shouldn’t obsess…it’s a matter of whether you respect yourself in the process. The law of cause and effect suggests that the more you love without expectations, the more you receive without expectations…when you stop the flow of love for any reason, you stop the flow of love back to you.

Betsy says there are TWO ways to obsess: 1 Favorably 2 Fanaticism With fanaticism you believe when the relationship sours that the other party is the worst human ever. Judgment arrives and love dies. However when you realize relationships last as long as they must for everyone to learn something of value, you have the choice of either praising what you have learned or cursing that you have suffered. However, the more respectful you are of yourself and the other, the easier the transition: new love experiences have a chance to begin. As repression and denial are never healthy, the sooner you let go of bad feelings the sooner you may embrace new feelings. Healing from heartache involves changing your mind-set, not changing someone else’s mind.

Other thoughts shared in this book are: As autonomous and independent life forms the answer to our fulfillment is located within our willingness to love the Universal source of energy that got us here in the first place. You are not at the mercy of other people as your aura reflecting your health and state of being are responsive to you alone. Your action determines the gift received. Happiness is an emotion and your personal happiness is your responsibility.

Ultimately our journey is not entirely about the picture we see. It’s about the connection we have with others ultimately leading to an understanding of the Oneness of all life. Patriotism, nationalism and individualism are all desires to be proud and respectful of All and to remind us who we are and what is real. Purity and refinement of our soul leads to greater harmony peace and unification. Many people live with the ideas that they must have misery, hardship and struggle and injustice is everywhere. Since the Universe says: You can have whatever you want we may change these limiting ideas to those that would end scenarios of struggle and bring more love into our lives. If you interpret your life through love and appreciation you live in gain..either way cursing your path or blessing your path, you still progress and create. A belief once adopted becomes a fact of your life. When you attack a truth that another needs to live their life path, you create feelings of uneasiness. Therefore, when it comes to personal happiness each being must follow its own heart in the face of opposing opinions and other people’s beliefs and actions. The challenge is not to change others to suit you, but to release others to do or be whoever they need to be. Care for yourself instead of trying to make others more caring. The goal should be to behave as you hope others will behave, finding and being in situations where you can be the most giving and loving. The soul learns through Emulation so be the example and surround yourself in the light of wisdom and goodness.