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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Unwrapped & A Spring-time Boost For You : Dr Lycka & Dr Kress

Celebrity cosmetic surgery, especially when it goes wrong, is blasted all over the internet & other media. But why do celebrities seem to have such problems with their cosmetic procedures & plastic surgery when it would seem they have every resource they could need? And thinking about ourselves, as Winter passes towards Spring, what are typical cosmetic procedures that you might be thinking about having as a springtime boost, and what important points should you be aware of when choosing? To help shed more light on both of these topics, this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, your show host Dr Barry Lycka welcomes once again, Dr Donald Kress, board certified plastic surgeon, from Frederick, Maryland. Celebrity cosmetic surgery is a special interest of Dr Kress and he follows the trends closely. He shares several interesting insights & anecdotes as to why celebrities can get it so wrong when choosing cosmetic surgery. The two doctors also discuss 3 very popular ‘Springtime’ procedures and how to avoid those ‘celebrity’ problems yourself.

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