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Solutions in Plain Sight – Selling in a Skirt: How to Leverage Your Feminine Power Whether You’re Male or Female

What differentiates a great salesperson from a good one? Well, hard work and the ability to close the sale are often cited, but the third driver of sales success is how well you develop a rapport and relationship that makes the buyer want to buy. Men and women approach that differently, but both can learn from the other.

Judy Hoberman is an award-winning training director, successful speaker, author and head entrepreneur at Selling in A Skirt , known for helping sales representatives become more successful by demystifying the sales process. If you’re a salesperson of either gender, or a sales manager seeking to increase your team’s results, you’ll find value in today’s session.

Selling has changed since Judy and I both started our careers in sales about 30 years ago, and we’ve both seen techniques come and go during that time. Today’s sales environment requires the best of yin and yang – representatives who can be direct and transactional when that’s most appropriate, yet also warm and relational to build trust and respect. We’ve all seen the stereotypes of the brusque closer, the plaid-jacket used car salesman, and the chatty Cathy who just never knows how to get to the point, and all of those are flawed. Judy shares how finding the balance between male and female strengths can boost results for the entire team.

Solutions in Plain Sight Radio is all about the AHA! Moments that move the needle in your business. Leveraging all the skills and talents in your sales team in uncommon ways will definitely put more revenue on your top line, and more on your bottom line. Judy’s stories plus the many videos and resources on her website will deliver some AHA! moments to help you raise the bar. For even more Solutions to the peskiest business issues, check out these additional free resources.

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