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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Vitamin A Cream Gives Skin Sun Protection As Nature Intended : Dr Lycka & Dr Telford

Sunlight beats down on us all day and causes skin damage – brown spots, lines, wrinkles and skin cancer too. But is there a way to prevent the damage, and roll back the clock? We are happy to say ‘YES’ as it has been discovered that a form of Vitamin A which is naturally occurring in our skin acts as nature’s own filter against the sun and the damage it causes. To explain more about the science behind this and the amazing cream that has been developed to help us protect our skin from the sun, this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, your show host Dr Barry Lycka welcomes once again, Dr Gordon Telford, a fellow dermatologist, from Victoria, British Columbia. Dr Telford shares his enduring interest and research into how Retinyl Palmitate (one of the Vitamin A molecules) is nature’s own sunscreen. The two doctors talk about the increasing rise of the skin cancer ‘epidemic’ facing us. They cut through the science and highlight how this cream actually works, how to use it and the results that it has created in preventing skin cancers and premature aging.

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