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Parent Well in our Digital World

Gloria DeGaetano

Parent Well in our Digital World – Apps for Language Learning

Gloria DeGaetano, founder of the Parent Coaching Institute and CEO of Parent Coach International speaks with speech and language pathologist Erik X. Raj. Erik works with school-aged children who have various articulation, language, and fluency difficulties. He believes that speech therapy not only benefits a student’s ability to communicate, but it also increases a young learner’s confidence and courage. Erik’s mission is to provide each child with a positive experience that sparks a passion for knowledge and creative thinking. Erik also teaches on-line classes for speech pathologists and gives on-site workshops as well. In addition, he develops apps to help youngsters learn through technology. Today’s podcast is focused on that topic.

“I am a lover of language.” ~ Erik X. Raj

With that statement, Erik reveals how much zest and drive he gives to helping children become a lover of language as well. In this podcast Gloria and Erik discuss:

The vital need to counter-balance use of devices with real-world, sensory experiences—and ways to do that—for optimal brain development.

Why early language learning must be hands-on and incorporate low-tech for the youngest brains.

Information about the apps Erik develops that not only teach speech articulation, but also help children learn important thinking skills like decision making.

The essential nature of language as a “symbolic system for thinking.”

Tune in to review your love of language and learn great ways to help children do the same!