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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – Heart Rhythm, Quantum States and Kinesiology with Dr. Ron Shefi

Dr. Ron Shefi, retired chiropractor and author of Ultimate Healing: Medicine Made Simple, returns in the conclusion of their conversation on Heart Rhythm, an indicator of a “quantum state” condition that affects an individual’s physical health.

Ultimate Healing is one of the few sources of information about Heart Rhythm, its importance to physical health, even though it does not represent a “physical” state itself.

The realization that Heart Rhythm was not, and is not a “physical” condition, slowly gelled in Adam’s mind as the conversation went on, which led to a fascinating dialog about Quantum States and their place in the matrix.

At the conclusion of the segment on Heart Rhythm, the subject turns to water, specifically, the “structured” water that is created via the Rainmaker technology. Adam asks Dr. Shefi his assessment, given his extensive experience with subtle energy forces and fields, as well as with asking question of, and getting answers from the Matrix itself, of the Rainmaker product.

Dr. Shefi’s thoughts about the energetics of water, and its critical importance, has even more weight in light of the dire water conditions that have plagued the state of California over the past several years, and has taken on emergency status recently.

After Dr. Shefi shares his thoughts on why the Rainmaker product is significant, Adam shares a monologue that he produced from the front lawn of the State Capital Building in Sacramento, California. This video was shot on the day it was announced that $687 million is to be allocated toward drought relief measures, which includes technology.

Adam asserts that few if any steps are being taken to address the gross inefficient state that most water is in at the time of use.

This is one show, combined with the previous episode, you’ll want to listen to again and again.

Dr. Shefi’s site:

Photonic Water Systems