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The Book of Dad – Real Men Really Do Wear Gowns

Ok, you are probably wondering what the heck I am I talking about now? I’ve run the full gamut of topics; love, hate, patriotism, Samaritanism, all that… Today I am going to focus on one of the more neglected and visited topics known to man, literally men; one of the most neglected activities/responsibilities of men is to get an annual physical. This is particularly true of Black or African American men, a strong issue considering their susceptibility to major hereditary diseases. One of the reasons is the fear of the un-known, vulnerability, surrendering control, not to mention, they make you wear those gowns with the back open and your ass hangs out…

It’s a necessary, temporary discomfort, believe me, there are many things we find out wearing those gowns, if we have high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, cancer screenings, the entire that.

Annual, regular medical screenings are of paramount importance, particularly men, as indicated, during these screenings we get the skinny on adverse developments we may be completely oblivious to. The gown addresses this, and now the once unknown becomes anew/overtly obvious or disclosed through various tests.

A former culprit surrounding this for men is Prostrate Cancer. With this disease, wearing a gown with your ass hanging out to find out status is well worth the temporary embarrassment and discomfort. Today we talk to two friends of mine who endured the embarrassment, found out their exposure, got treatment and, survived cancer, they are still living with/ managing it. They are very happy and willing to share their story with us. Today we discuss the various treatments and information on this uncomfortable, deadly yet manageable disease, Mr. Darrell Anderson and Retired USAF SMSgt Willie Jones.

Note: neither of the gentlemen interviewed were compensated for, offered special consideration in other venues (relating to relationships with the host), nor did they offer compensation for their interview or time. They shared their stories strictly for their desire to assist with disseminating pertinent information to the general public on the process and importance of regular examinations and treatments for Prostate Cancer.

National Cancer Institute


Mr. Darrell Anderson
Darrell D. Anderson, a native Atlanta, Georgian, is an accomplished professional with over 30 years of proven success in the transportation industry. He is a self-made entrepreneur with a proven track record to develop strategic business relationships and deliver peak performance. His accomplishments are visible in the diverse layers of his organization. Darrell also has many accomplishments and interest in the entertainment industry to include event management, promotion and planning. He attended Georgia State University, has three children and three grandchildren, Darrell is married to the former Ms Lori Broughton, of Atlanta, Georgia.

Senior Master Sergeant, USAF Retired Willie Jones
A Georgia native and graduate of Mercer University, Macon Georgia with a Bachelor of Science, and a Master’s Degree from Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, GA in Administration/Logistics Management, Willie honorably served this great nation of ours as a logistics/supply technician and manager. He was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force, and retired at the rank of Senior Master Sergeant (E-8). Also an avid sports advocate, Willie has over the past 35 years participated in officiating, coaching or playing basketball; he is currently a NCAA Division I & II Basketball Official. Willie is married to the former Dr. Debra Mathews Wilson (DDS) of Pittsburg, PA, they have three children and one grandson.