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Surviving the Credit Crisis

Karen Simpson-Hankins,CTACC

Surviving the Credit Crisis – Understanding Your Credit Profile: What Are Your Options When Dealing With Bad Credit?

Credit, both good and bad, can be a very confusing reality in our financial lives. But…bad credit does not need to kill your dreams! It just takes some very necessary action steps to get you back on course!

Join me today as my guest, Kerry Lutz; attorney, author, and the radio talk show host of “Financial Survival Network” and I discuss your questions and options when it comes to improving your credit profile.

We will be discussing:

• What’s the first step in improving bad credit?
• I’m behind on my mortgage payments and I need help, what are my options? Modification, Foreclosure or Short-sale?
• I’m thinking of filing bankruptcy, what are my choices?
• I have some credit card debt and I’m really struggling, what should I do next?
• How do lenders look at credit and what scores do they use when determining, whether or not, you qualify?
• How are credit scores calculated?
• How do I develop an action plan when it comes to debt settlement?
• And…much, much more!

March is “Improve Your Credit Month” here on Surviving the Credit Crisis…join me in taking the pledge to get things cleaned up and start building more financial empowerment! For more helpful tips on how to dispute incorrect credit information, steps for achieving a healthier credit profile, and how to understand what you’re spending and how to stop…check out my book “Conquer Your Closing: Insider Secrets for Today’s Savvy Homebuyer” available everywhere books are sold.