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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – The Diabetes Breakthrough with Sheri Colberg, PhD

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to extraordinary complications—heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, nerve damage, vision loss, hypertension. But according to research done at Joslin Diabetes Center, type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to end up that way. You can halt its progress—and even prevent it. Sheri Colberg, PhD is a professor of exercise science at Old Dominion University and an adjunct professor of internal medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School. She is an international expert in exercise, diabetes, and disease prevention through lifestyle and behavioral changes.

She discusses her new book, co-authored with Dr. Osama Hamdy, The Diabetes Breakthrough: Based on a Scientifically Proven Plan to Lose Weight and Cut Medications. The book transforms Joslin’s clinic-based Why WAIT™ weight loss program into an easy-to-follow, at-home guide for anyone diagnosed with or at risk of the disease. As an exercise physiologist, Dr Colberg discusses some of the concepts in the book, including
a step-by-step approach to changing eating habits, slimming down, building fitness and overcoming psychological barriers—in just 12 weeks.

Learn more about how Why WAIT is the only medical program to show lasting weight loss for people with diabetes. One hundred percent of Joslin’s 500+ Why WAIT participants have kept an average of 6.4 percent of body weight off for five years, and more than 50 percent have kept 9 percent off after 5 years. By the program’s 12 week mark, patients cut
their medications by 50-60 percent (and in some cases, stopped taking them altogether). Dr. Colberg describes a comprehensive, practical strategy for losing weight and keeping blood glucose levels in check. By making wellness and a long, healthy life possible for all diabetes and prediabetes patients, Dr. Colberg and her co-author, Dr. Hamdy, have not only achieved a breakthrough—they’ve launched a revolution.

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