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The Book of Dad – Pets are people too?

When I was younger I had a dog named “Toby”. He was a big, beautiful German Shepherd. Amazingly, Toby was the toughest dog in the neighborhood, he never lost a fight. Not that we were in the dog fighting business, Toby could handle himself well, significant as we (my siblings and I) weren’t much of fighters back then. I say all of this to note that Toby, while a dog, contributed to the personality of our family. People knew that the “Bensons” had a dog ; you couldn’t just go to their house /home and do whatever you wanted.

So, you ask where is this rambling headed? Pets are just as much a part of the family as people, they get their say in the family process (intentionally or not), GiGi, Duce & Jade (our three Yorkies) are as much a part of my life as my children, notice I did not say my Wife/Boss…

Pets, like all the other family members must be cared for and taken care of. Accordingly, a Doctor must be in the house to take look after them too. Today we talk to Dr. Paul Norwood, Veterinarian, on the health, management and upkeep of pets, dogs or whatever you may have.

Dr. Paul Norwood:

Dr. Norwood has been practicing medicine and surgery for over 13 years. Raised in Fort Wayne Indiana, this is where his love for animals was nurtured. From there he took the trek to historical Tuskegee, Alabama where he attended Tuskegee University for undergraduate studies and then on to attended their nationally renowned School of Veterinary Medicine (TUSVM), one of only a few in the country. His experiences include summer internships at the Fort Wayne Zoo and an Externship Program with the Atlanta Zoo. The current owner of Hidden Hills Veterinarian Clinic in Buckhead, GA has extended experience in the field of caring for animals. Dr. Norwood is married to the former Joann Williams (United States Air Force Brat and financial analyst), they have three children, Sylvia, Jason and Paul III., of course they have two dogs and currently reside in Ellenwood, GA.