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Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life

Jerry Katzman, MD

Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life – Peter Greenlaw Interview Revisited Why Diets Fail/ TDOS

Jerry Katzman M.D. revisits with Why Diets Fail/ TDOS author and leading scientific researcher Peter Greenlaw. In this passionate interview you will be educated and empowered to take charge of your life through an understanding of how the body works and what it really needs to function . We are bombarded with so much misinformation on what the body needs to function optimally that it is virtually impossible to know who is really telling us the truth. Peter Greenlaw the researchers researcher points out the facts, not based on his personal opinions but the opinions of the worlds leading authorities over body chemistry, human physiology, and nutrition . Learn and take action based on the scientific research .

Each fact documented and discussed in over 600 of the worlds leading books and publications published worldwide. Learn to see through the false and misleading media adds and commercials that are all around us.. Isnt it time to finally know what you thought you knew but were all Wrong!!!! Listen in!!