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Your Business, Your Heart!

Oma Edoja

Your Business, Your Heart! – How to Market with Great Content and Tame that “Content Beastie” for Good!

Do you feel pressured by the stream of information you need to keep sending out about your business?
Emails, instructions, articles, videos, webinars, podcasts, voice messages, media features, press releases … the list could go on.

It’s as if there is this big content beast, forever demanding to be fed. And this isn’t even the core work you do!
It’s so easy to just give up or burn out. But you don’t need to!

Because speaking with me today is MamaRed Knight, who teaches people how to:
“systematize, automate and streamline their content, so they get more done, with fewer resources, making more money and reaching more people in less time.”

MamaRed shares a simple way to tame that “Content Beastie” for good (and she even shares how she came about her rather unusual name!)

At the end of the show, you are welcome to talk with MamaRed about taming your content beastie.

Just book your complimentary consultation athttp://tinyurl.com/py78era.

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