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A New Spin on Autism: Answers!

Lynette Louise

A New Spin on Autism: Answers! – The IEP and You And Me!

Mike Robinson of The Coalition for the Rights of Disabled People office of Special Education Proceedings joins us for this What are our Rights? Autism Awareness show. Mr Robinson is uniquely equipped for this global podcast because he is well versed on all the applicable laws nationally and many of our international listeners are considering bringing their children to the United States for the services.
Whether you are already in America or planning to migrate understanding the rules of the game in our educational sytem is a must. Mr Robinson has epilepsy and his child has autism, so he is no stranger to the challenges of being challenged.
Professionally Mr. Robinson is experienced in representing both children and adults in public hearings, private hearings such as Educational and other Due Process including A.D.A. Meditations, acting in his role as a non-attorney representative. Mr. Robinson is as well a seasoned lay advocate dating back to 1996 litigating his own child’s case to start, before continuing across the country since that time in the same role.

This is an information packed show that EVERYONE should hear.

Don’t play catch up on the rules and options surrounding your rights. Learn them now.

In Stories From the Road Lynette Louise tells you what to do when and if the safety of your child’s school situation is at risk.

Today’s question: What are our rights?
Today’s answer: Depends where you live!