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Joan Porte

Astrological Cook – Make the Most of Your Tenth House and Your Career!

How do you approach your job? Is it all about duty and drudgery? Are you overwhelmed by work, and drowning in paper? Or do you go to work with a sense of purpose and even fun – yes I said fun? Today we examine how the 10th house has a lot to say about our work and how it contributes to society.

My guest is holistic time coach Julie Gray whose motto is, “I don’t want to give you my time management system; I want to give you the ability to optimize yours.” She is the author of “True for You Time Management System” a wonderful guide to making the best of work and still having time for yourself!

Our recipe today is my Mom’s Ricotta Cheese Pie which is traditional, something that is very 10th house, and fast – which will save you time! It is in my cookbook, “Signs of the Tines: The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook.”