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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Talking to Loved Ones on the Other Side for Guidance and Healing with Sue Frederick

Sue Frederick is the best-selling author of several books including Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side, our topic for this show. An intuitive since childhood, she draws upon dreams, ancient numerology, powerful intuition and conversations with spirits to help her clients fulfill their soul’s mission and use their pain for a meaningful life. In addition to being an intuitive coach, she also trains others to be intuitive grief coaches. After losing her husband when she was just 29 years old, Sue came to believe that ” grief wakes us up to who we are why we are here and what life is about it.” Her husband lived for just one year after a terminal diagnosis, but the couple lived very fully. When he died, Sue was blessed to see his spirit rise up just after he died.

Sue discusses how it is possible for people communicate with our deceased loved ones, She believes we come to earth to evolve our souls, then we return to the divine realm after we die. When people cross over, the spirit continues and we survivors can connect with our loved ones. This realization changes everything about grief. Intuition enables us to make these connections. Meditation helps quiet the left brain mind and develop our intuition.

She also shares ideas for how to help grieving family and friends. For example, ask them to describe what they’d like to share about the dying process of their loved ones. She recommends asking meaningful questions about their loss, both during the time of it and as they are grieving it. Death makes people question previous beliefs, including spiritual ones. So when someone is grieving, it’s very helpful to ask the about their beliefs, and perhaps offer to share their spiritual journey with them.

Sue says “pain is fuel to inspire us to do our greatest work and become our highest self” and that “Anger, blame and guilt are great allies for reinvention.” It is better to feel the difficult feelings rather than block them. She also discusses the difference between how men and women deal with grief. Sue shares ideas for healing grief, including daily meditation and quieting the mind, plus using simple energy shifters like being grateful.

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