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John Char, DDS, DHM, LMT, PhD

Holistic Wellness – Singing Your Way to Wellness (feat. Bobby Ing) + Toxic Water: Is What You’re Drinking a Deadly Poison?

Part 1: Singing Your Way to Wellness (feat. Bobby Ing) – Tune in for Dr. John Char’s holistic health show for a fun and informative discussion on the health benefits of singing! With guest Bobby Ing, lead singer of the barbershop quartet “RESONANCE”, Dr. Char shares his experiences with singing in men’s choruses, and the health benefits enjoyed as a result. With his typical casual and charming air, Dr. Char will set about sharing information on how singing encourages proper breathing, posture, and smiling, and what positive effects these can have on your health. Among other things, he discusses how singing can increase your energy level, raise your mood, and even improve your immune system.

Dr. Char and Bobby discuss the little known fact that as you hit different pitches while singing, different cells within your body will resonate in kind, stimulating a healthy physiological state. Along with interesting and new information on the expected and unexpected physical benefits of singing with a barbershop quartet, they also discuss the social and mental benefits.

As a particularly wonderful addition to the show, you’ll also get to hear performances by Max Q, and Dr. Char’s own Sounds of Aloha men’s group. Both of these performances are fantastic; while Max Q’s performance is brief, it leaves your soul warmed for more of their melodic soulful sound. This is followed by a masterful performance of “Old Man River” by Sounds of Aloha that leaves one feeling as though they’ve been transported back to the days of Soda Jerks and poodle skirts.

No matter what, you don’t want to miss this incredibly informative and entertaining show. Health tips, amusing anecdotes, and beautiful music are all rolled into one great podcast. Catch this and other episodes of Dr. John Char’s Holistic Wellness talk show on WebTalkRadio.

Part 2: Toxic Water: Is What You’re Drinking a Deadly Poison? In this episode of the Holistic Wellness Show, Dr. Char goes over a topic that is quickly becoming a health related, worldwide crisis: a shortage of clean water due to environmental toxicity. Using the rapidly deteriorating situation in Hawaii – known for its pristine beaches and clean water – as an example, Dr. Char holds nothing back as he examines some of the foulest water situations on the island of Oahu.

Later in the show, he will also educate you on the most common types of environmental contaminants leaching into the fresh water supplies of the United States and beyond, and why we should be seriously concerned about the elevating levels of toxins in our drinking water. Contamination topics include oil spills, plastic garbage, industrial and shipping related toxic chemical waste, and commonly use agricultural pesticides.

Dr. Char ends the show by asking what we can do about this situation – before it’s too late, and clean drinking water becomes a thing of the past.