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Ask Dr. Love – How to Not Get Taken on a Guilt Trip

Most of us like to travel, but I don’t know anyone who enjoys being taken on a guilt trip!

Last week, I posted an article on Psychology Today in which I discussed how to not get taken on a guilt trip.

The editors loved the article and featured one of my quotes.

Within 24 hours, the article had 4.6K LIKES!

That told me that there’s a lot of interest in this topic. So, I decided to do an entire show on it.

So, in this show, I’ll be focusing on the psychology of guilt tripping.

We’ll discuss the many reasons why people lay them. Such as: a lack of communication skills, an inability to directly state one’s needs and even buried anger.

We will also be looking at why some people are more willing than others to be taken for a ride. These reasons include having been blamed as a child, having a guilty conscience and feeling deserving of blame, and much more.

Lastly, we’ll be talking about what victims of guilt tripping do, without knowing it, to reward the guilt tripper, which only encourages more of the same.

And, most importantly, I’ll show you how to put a stop to the trips and how to teach the guilt tripper to replace these tactics with healthy communications.

Tune in for what is sure to be a very eye opening and liberating show.